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The EDJ live show is canceled for tonight due to Jared needing sleep. Sorry.

It's official, we're dating

Vita Freund and Jared Roberts are dating.
Ben Asbury and I were starting to plan a camping trip. Ben asked me if he could invite others and I said yes. Ben asked Vita Freund if she liked camping, she said yes so Ben invited her.  I met Vita Freund for the first time on the night of 3-31-2011 for a short bit.  Ben Asbury introduced us to each other.  We were all interested in doing a camping trip together and had started planning it so Vita wanted to meet me before the camping trip so that is why we met that night.  Then Ben, Vita and I went on the camping trip from 4-15-2011 through 4-17-2011 at and around Caledonia State Park which is between Chambersburg and Gettysburg.  This was the weekend when there was flooding and a tornado in York, PA (real close to where we were).  Our tent kind of got flooded so the night of 4-16-2011 all 3 of us slept in my car to stay as dry as possible.  We have kind of been on and off since then as far as dating and a relationship goes.  We weren't always certain of our status.  About a month ago (8-16-2011) we decided to start going steady and its been going good. We are both happy.  Vita is a Christian.  Vita has been exposed to God and Christianity all of her life and believed in God all her life but maybe it wasn't always a major part of her life.  Then on 4-16-2011 all 3 of us during the camping trip went to a Saturday night service at Harvest Chapel in Abbottstown, PA.  She made more of a dedication to Christ and both her and I got baptised there that night.  Vita Freund and Jared Roberts are dating.

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Gathering information from the Bible placed above experiencing the living God is pure idolatry. God's presence is Himself -Stacy Denboer

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How to Get Me to Promote Your Product or Service: LEGO!

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There are people in this world that have never seen or met civilization outside of their tribe.  There are people in this world that don't know right from wrong.  There are people in this world that don't care what is right or wrong.  There are people in this world that rise up against what is right.  There are people in this world that believe everything they see as true and right.  What if everything you see isn't right, correct or true?  What is most of it is false?  What is the real meaning of life?  Will we ever really know?  There are people in this world who choose to either not care or be lazy and not seek it out.  Will you be one of those?

There are many beliefs and religions.  There can only be one that is true and correct.  I dare you to research them all and find out for yourself.

Why is it that most Christians blindly believe that they are correct in their belief when they haven't even researched other religions and don't know much about other religions.  For Christians reading this, yes you might be correct but I challenge you and dare you to research other religions so you are at least educated and know what the other beliefs are.  Otherwise, people with other beliefs won't even want to hear what you have to say if your not educated about other beliefs.

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The EDJ will not be going live tonight due to Jared being sick. He is getting better and will return on Friday.

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The EDJ will not be going live tonight due to Jared being sick. U can however go to the website & watch a previous recording